Ultraviolet Air Purification


UV Air Purifiers are devices that remove harmful airborne substances and micro-organisms found in the air which include particles like dust and dust mites, mildew, allergens, pollens, smoke, vehicle fumes, molds, pet dead skin flakes and dander as well as organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs.

In an ultraviolet air purifier, the particles and organisms present in the air enter the purifier and while passing by the UV rays, their molecular bonds are broken and they are destroyed. The UV air purifier then produces air that is cleansed and free of any harmful particles. UV air purifiers also eliminate many of the air pollutants that regular filtering systems don’t catch and prevent them from escaping back into your home’s air duct system. Additionally, UV air purifiers prevent diseases such as the flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis and asthma as well as prevent the growth of molds in central air conditioners and cooling coils, thus eliminating the need to clean them regularly.

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