Oil Furnaces

At Johnson’s, we offer both Trane & Thermo Pride Oil Furnaces. Please see below for more information on these products!

Trane Oil Furnaces

Trane oil furnace

The Trane name is virtually synonymous with quality and reliability and if that is how you feel, Trane oil furnaces will only increase your enthusiasm for this well-known brand. Trane oil furnaces demonstrate excellent design and build in the performance it offers and the materials used. They have an excellent service record and are highly rated in independent consumer reviews.  If you are in the market for an affordable oil furnace, the Trane oil furnace is an excellent option to consider. For more information on Trane oil furnaces, please visit: www.trane.com.

Features of Trane Oil Furnaces

  • 85% efficiency reduces energy waste and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Parts used in the Trane XV80 oil furnace undergo rigorous testing, and each completed unit is run-tested at the factory.
  • The heavy-duty hot-rolled steel heat exchanger features weld-free design.
  • The Beckett Flame Retention burner is one of the best in the industry.
  • Multiple-speed blower mower improves efficiency and indoor climate control.
  • Single-stage, reliable operation.
  • Ceramic fiber combustion box promotes complete fuel burn and higher efficiency.
  • Reduced noise is assured with the fully-insulated cabinet built from rugged galvanized steel.
  • Trane CleanEffects is an option. It offers advanced air filtering and purification.
  • 4 sizes offered: 70K, 87K, 98K and 114K Btu.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 5-year limited warranty on all other parts.

Thermo Pride Oil Fired Furnaces

Thermo Pride’s line of oil furnaces has evolved over fifty years and is probably the most complete line on the market. Models with dedicated airflow directions are available in upflow, downflow and horizontal styles and in a broad range of BTU capacities. Forty-six physically different models make up the complete Thermo Pride oil furnace offering, thus providing the capability of installation in virtually any application. This breadth of product line reflects the long term Thermo Pride commitment to oil furnaces and is a testimony to the overall popularity of the Thermo Pride brand. A Johnson’s heating representative can assist with picking the correct model for you! For more information on the Thermo Pride oil furnaces, please visit: www.thermopride.com

Thermopride Info

Features of Thermo Pride Oil Furnaces

  • Exclusive 13 gauge steel “Octatherm” design heat exchanger.
  • Copper coating on heat exchanger.
  • Interlocking insulated furniture steel casing.
  • Distinctive styled rounded corners.
  • Automatic/manual fan and limit control.
  • Conveniently located inspection ports.
  • Permanent air filter.
  • Quality high efficiency split-phase belt drive blower.
  • Primary control module.
  • Versatile full width belt drive blower.
  • THERMO PRIDE flame retention, high efficiency oil burner.
  • Ceramic refractory.
  • Elevated solid furnace base.

Here’s Why

You Should Have Your Trane or ThermoPride Oil Furnace Installed by Johnson’s:

One Day Replacement. If you want to replace your old oil furnace, we will install a new one in one day. So you don’t have to go a night without comfort.

Investment Agreement. You are assured of the best value. If you find a lower price on the same equipment and installation, we will refund the difference plus $50. You can’t lose!

No Pricing Mystery. You can see our price books, investment guides and discount schedules. We don’t hide the numbers.

We’re Independent. We are not like the national chains of department stores and discount marts that sell cheap oil furnaces at a low price then hire subcontractors who cut corners on the installation.

Money Back Guarantee. No one else in our business gives you such a bold guarantee. If we don’t meet all our promises and you’re not satisfied, we’ll return 100% of your money!