Oil Furnaces

Trane oil furnace

Johnson’s is the premier provider of both Trane & Thermo Pride Oil furnaces in Mount Pleasant, PA, Latrobe, PA, North Huntingdon, PA, and Greensburg, PA. We stand behind the quality of our products and we are proud to be a supplier of TRANE oil furnaces. Trane furnaces have been synonymous with the highest levels of quality and reliability for many years. These state of the art oil furnaces are built to last, have excellent construction, and are made with premium materials. They have high independent consumer reviews and are highly rated. When you are looking for an affordable oil furnace, let the Trane furnace be one of your first choices.

Thermo Pride Oil Fired Furnaces

Thermo Pride oil fired furnaces have grown and changed over the years and now represent one of the most complete lines on the market. These oil furnaces have models with specific airflow directions including upflow, downflow, and even horizontal styles as well as a range of BTU capabilities. With over 46 different models to choose from, you are sure to get just what you need from this outstanding line of oil furnaces.

oil furnances

Why Choose Us?

  • One day replacement
  • Investment agreement
  • No pricing mystery
  • Independent
  • Full Money back guarantee

Count on Johnson’s to deliver unmatched value and amazing services for your oil furnace needs. Give us a call for help choosing the oil furnace system that is right for you.

Contact Us

Contact Johnson’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for more information about our services or to schedule service by calling us at (724) 423-1111. We look forward to providing the outstanding HVAC services you can rely on.

Here’s Why

You Should Have Your Trane or ThermoPride Oil Furnace Installed by Johnson’s:

One Day Replacement. If you want to replace your old oil furnace, we will install a new one in one day. So you don’t have to go a night without comfort.

Investment Agreement. You are assured of the best value. If you find a lower price on the same equipment and installation, we will refund the difference plus $50. You can’t lose!

No Pricing Mystery. You can see our price books, investment guides and discount schedules. We don’t hide the numbers.

We’re Independent. We are not like the national chains of department stores and discount marts that sell cheap oil furnaces at a low price then hire subcontractors who cut corners on the installation.

Money Back Guarantee. No one else in our business gives you such a bold guarantee. If we don’t meet all our promises and you’re not satisfied, we’ll return 100% of your money!